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10 minute Hair-do for your Baby Girl!

You can do it in 10 minutes! Hair arrangement that does not easily collapse for girls from infants to elementary school students

I want to give my child a cute hairstyle, but I think there are many moms who aren’t able to do it because they are busy or because they are clumsy. Arranging cute hair for children is not only a pleasure for children, but also a valuable time for communication between parents and children. Here are some recommended hair arrangements for toddlers to elementary school girls.

5 Girl Hair Arrangements

Introducing a hair arrangement that is easy to make every morning and does not crumble easily.

Puffy braid

A method of dividing hair into small blocks and tying them together. It’s easy and hard to collapse because you can tie only the parts of the same length. If you change the color of the rubber for each knot, it will be colorful and cute.

  1. Divide the back hair into centers. Divide into smaller blocks from the top
  2. Tie tightly in order from the top. Add the hair tied in the upper row to the next knot

Braids that won’t crumble

If you just braid, will the hair on the top and sides collapse after a while, and it will be meaningless to tie it? If you use the following method, it will not collapse over time and will be tied properly, making it look more cute than just a braid.

  1. Take only the top and tie
  2. Break a little above the knot. Hold the knot and insert it by turning the hair bundle from above.
  3. Braid the hair from 3.2 and the rest of the hair underneath, and do the same on the other side.

Double Buns, Space Buns

A double bun hair arrangement that can be easily done even on a busy morning. It doesn’t crumble easily and has a very cute finish.

  1. Divide the hair in two and make the division zigzag
  2. Make it twin tails (bunches).
  3. Braid the tied hair.
  4. Roll the braid and fasten it with rubber to complete.

Rapunzel style arrangement

Next is an arrangement of long hair, like the princess Rapunzel.

  1. Braid the side hair. Tie the braid to the other side with rubber.
  2. Braid the other side in the same way.
  3. Divide the left hair into three parts.
  4. Mix the braid you made with the hair you left behind and braid the whole thing.
  5. While holding the rubber, loosen the braid a little to give it volume.

Anna and Elsa style (from Frozen) arrangement

Next is Anna and Elsa style arrangement. The point is that it is easy, but even children’s hair does not crumble easily.

  1. Tie your hair sideways.
  2. Break a little above the knot. Hold the knot and insert it by turning the hair bundle from above
  3. Braid it and you’re done.

How was it. From among many hairstyles, we have introduced an arrangement that is relatively easy and does not crumble. Most can be done in less than 10 minutes. If you are a girl mom, please try it.

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