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When do you start nail clippers for babies? Introducing how to cut and precautions

Newborn babies are active in metabolism. Therefore, the speed at which the nail grows is faster than expected, and it is necessary to cut it into small pieces. Leaving stretched nails can cause your baby to scratch his face and eyes. This time, I will explain the points when cutting a baby’s nails and when to start cutting.

When should you start nail clippers for your baby?

There is no rule that baby’s nails should be cut from the day or week after birth. If the tip of your nail is protruding from the tip of your finger, it is in a stretched state, so cut off the white part of your nail. Some babies are born in a slightly stretched state because their claws are growing while they are in the mother’s stomach.

When cutting your baby’s nails, use scissors-shaped nail clippers for newborns or babies. The cutting edge is round and made short so that the blade does not open wide, so there is no risk of injury even if the baby suddenly moves. Never use nail clippers for adults as they have wide open blades and can hurt your baby’s fingers.


How long your nails grow depends on your baby, but it’s a good idea to cut your nails once every 3 to 4 days or once a week. If the white part of your nail extends beyond your fingertips, cut it. The point when cutting a baby’s nails is not to try to cut all the fingers at once, but to cut them in several steps. Let’s respond according to the baby’s mood, physical condition and condition, such as stopping when the baby goes wild.


The best time to cut your baby’s nails is during a nap. It is recommended because you do not have to worry about going wild during a nap and the room is bright and easy to work with. Try to do it during a nap before you get used to it. Except when taking a nap, you don’t have to worry about going wild because you are concentrating while breastfeeding. It’s also a good idea to have your dad cut your baby’s nails while your mom and baby are breastfeeding. However, if your baby doesn’t like it or goes wild, don’t overdo it and deal with it as much as possible.

How to cut your baby’s nails and precautions

Below, we will introduce the procedures and points for cutting the nails of babies and newborns.

Baby nail clippers procedure

  1. Place the baby on your lap and wrap the baby’s hand with one hand
  2. Pinch one finger to cut your nails with your mom’s fingertips and fix it.
  3. Hold the nail clippers, first cut from both ends of the nail, and finally cut the center. Divide into 4 to 5 times and cut little by little

Points for cutting baby’s nails

To avoid cut a nail too short or ingrown nail, leave about 0.5 to 1 mm of white part of the nail.

  • Do not cut the nails in a straight line, but cut them from both ends little by little so that they become round.
  • Do this when your baby does not go wild, such as when you are sleeping or drinking milk.
  • If your baby goes wild, don’t force it, stop it halfway, and cut it again the next day or later.
  • Even if you cut while your baby is sleeping, your fingertips may move suddenly, so be careful.

Precautions when cutting nails for newborns and babies

When cutting the nails of newborns and babies, it is important to stop when they are violent and to consider when they do not move much. If your baby goes wild while cutting your nails, it will be easier to deepen your nails. Make sure that either your dad or mom cuts in a short amount of time while your baby is concentrating on breastfeeding.

Also, after taking a bath, it is easy to think that the nails are soft and easy to cut, but be careful with babies. Unlike adults, babies and newborns have soft nails, so they may cut too much without knowing how they are cutting. If you cut it after taking a bath, be careful not to get deep nails.

Cut the newborn’s nails properly

Newborn nails must be cut frequently due to active metabolism. It grows faster and is softer than adults. Please be careful when cutting your nails and be very safe.