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10 minute Hair-do for your Baby Girl!

You can do it in 10 minutes! Hair arrangement that does not easily collapse for girls from infants to elementary school students

I want to give my child a cute hairstyle, but I think there are many moms who aren’t able to do it because they are busy or because they are clumsy. Arranging cute hair for children is not only a pleasure for children, but also a valuable time for communication between parents and children. Here are some recommended hair arrangements for toddlers to elementary school girls.

5 Girl Hair Arrangements

Introducing a hair arrangement that is easy to make every morning and does not crumble easily.

Puffy braid

A method of dividing hair into small blocks and tying them together. It’s easy and hard to collapse because you can tie only the parts of the same length. If you change the color of the rubber for each knot, it will be colorful and cute.

  1. Divide the back hair into centers. Divide into smaller blocks from the top
  2. Tie tightly in order from the top. Add the hair tied in the upper row to the next knot

Braids that won’t crumble

If you just braid, will the hair on the top and sides collapse after a while, and it will be meaningless to tie it? If you use the following method, it will not collapse over time and will be tied properly, making it look more cute than just a braid.

  1. Take only the top and tie
  2. Break a little above the knot. Hold the knot and insert it by turning the hair bundle from above.
  3. Braid the hair from 3.2 and the rest of the hair underneath, and do the same on the other side.

Double Buns, Space Buns

A double bun hair arrangement that can be easily done even on a busy morning. It doesn’t crumble easily and has a very cute finish.

  1. Divide the hair in two and make the division zigzag
  2. Make it twin tails (bunches).
  3. Braid the tied hair.
  4. Roll the braid and fasten it with rubber to complete.

Rapunzel style arrangement

Next is an arrangement of long hair, like the princess Rapunzel.

  1. Braid the side hair. Tie the braid to the other side with rubber.
  2. Braid the other side in the same way.
  3. Divide the left hair into three parts.
  4. Mix the braid you made with the hair you left behind and braid the whole thing.
  5. While holding the rubber, loosen the braid a little to give it volume.

Anna and Elsa style (from Frozen) arrangement

Next is Anna and Elsa style arrangement. The point is that it is easy, but even children’s hair does not crumble easily.

  1. Tie your hair sideways.
  2. Break a little above the knot. Hold the knot and insert it by turning the hair bundle from above
  3. Braid it and you’re done.

How was it. From among many hairstyles, we have introduced an arrangement that is relatively easy and does not crumble. Most can be done in less than 10 minutes. If you are a girl mom, please try it.

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Cavities During Pregnancy

Does Cavities During Pregnancy Affect Your Baby? Treatment and Prevention of Cavities

Have you ever heard that you are prone to tooth decay during pregnancy? If you have cavities during pregnancy, you may be worried about any effects on your baby. Also, I’m wondering if it’s okay to treat cavities during pregnancy.
Therefore, this time, we will introduce the reasons why pregnant women are prone to tooth decay and the treatment and prevention methods during pregnancy.

Why you are prone to tooth decay during pregnancy

When pregnant, the hormonal balance changes, creating an oral environment in which periodontal disease bacteria can easily grow. Also, due to the effects of morning sickness, you may not be able to eat all at once, and you may have more snacks or you may not be able to brush your teeth properly. Nausea and vomiting can also cause stomach acid to spread into the mouth, making it acidic. If this happens, the teeth will melt, leading to tooth decay.

Do cavities during pregnancy affect the fetus?

It is said that pregnant women who have periodontal disease are seven times more likely to give birth to premature or low birth weight infants than ordinary pregnant women who do not. This is far greater than the risk of early underweight childbirth from tobacco and alcohol consumption.

It is thought that when periodontal disease increases the blood concentration of a substance called cytokine, uterine contraction may occur, increasing the risk of premature birth and low birth weight infants.

In addition, after giving birth, cavities-related bacteria may be transferred to the baby through the saliva of the mother, so it is said that a child of a mother with many cavities is more likely to have cavities from an early stage. To put it the other way around, by reducing the number of bacteria related to tooth decay in moms during pregnancy, the newborn baby can become less prone to tooth decay.

Is it okay to treat cavities during pregnancy?

If you have cavities during pregnancy, you will need treatment. However, if you have a baby in your stomach, some pregnant women may be worried, “Is it okay to have dental treatment?”, But basically there is no problem with treatment.

Anesthesia is used for tooth extraction, but it is said that there is no concern about the effect on the baby because the amount used is small due to local anesthesia. X-rays are also a worrying treatment for pregnant women, but they are said to have no effect on babies because they wear a protective apron. However, if you are really uneasy, you can decline X-rays.

When to treat cavities in pregnant women?

Basically, at any time during pregnancy, if you have severe cavities, we recommend that you visit a dentist. However, in the early stages of pregnancy, around 2 to 4 months of pregnancy, morning sickness may cause instability, so long-term treatment should be avoided.

If you are 5 to 7 months pregnant, which is the stable period, you can receive treatment with peace of mind. It is not recommended to enter late pregnancy as your stomach may become quite large, making it difficult to get on the examination table while lying on your back, or sudden signs of childbirth.

How to prevent tooth decay during pregnancy

To prevent tooth decay from getting worse during pregnancy, try the following precautions:

Prevention of tooth decay during pregnancy

Some pregnant women find it difficult to put their toothbrush in their mouth and brush it for a long time because of morning sickness. In such a case, it is recommended to use dental floss for interdental brushing or mouthwash instead of brushing with a toothbrush.

Take calcium, phosphorus (phosphorus), vitamin A, etc.

To keep your teeth healthy, get the calcium and phosphorus you need to re-mineralize your teeth. Vitamins A, C and D are also important nutrients for teeth. Let’s eat and take it positively. Vitamin A should be taken from vegetables and fruits, as it increases the risk of developing fetal malformations when taken from animal foods rich in retinol.

Refrain from sucking on candy or drinking sugary drinks for long periods of time

Sugar becomes energy for caries-related bacteria. The longer the sugar in your mouth, the better the environment for caries-related bacteria and the more likely you are to have caries.

Chew xylitol in it after eating

If you chew gum that contains xylitol, saliva will come out and your mouth will be closer to a healthy state.

Let’s prevent tooth decay during pregnancy!

Recognize that you are more likely to have cavities during pregnancy and try to prevent it as much as possible. Keeping your mouth clean and healthy will protect your mom’s and baby’s teeth and health. Take good care of your baby and yourself.

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Baby-skin like Smoothness??!!

5 points to get smooth skin like a baby!!!

Smooth skin like a baby is a longing for women, isn’t it? Daily skin care is very important to get such young skin. It may seem very difficult to get smooth skin, but in fact, you can get smooth skin steadily if you thoroughly implement basic skin care. This time, we will introduce the skin care methods necessary to make the skin look like a baby, which even people with troublesome skin can aim for.

Key points for baby-like skin

How do you get baby-like smooth skin? Below are five points of skin care that you can practice today.

1. Try to wash your face properly

Isn’t your face disregarded, saying, “You only have to clean your face?” Washing your face is one of the important skin cares that not only removes dirt but also conditions your skin. First of all, let’s practice correct face washing.

<Correct face washing method>
  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water at 32 ° C to 36 ° C.
  2. Firmly lather the cleanser (recommended to use a lathering net)
  3. Gently wash your skin with lather.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water
  5. Wipe your face with a towel to absorb water.

Of these face-washing methods, the two points that you should pay particular attention to are “foaming and washing” and “wiping with a towel.” If it is not foamed enough, it will cause extra friction when washing your face, which will hurt your skin. Similarly, when wiping the water off the face with a towel, it is NG to wipe the face strongly. Wipe gently with a towel to hold down your face to minimize friction.

2. Moisturize well

Moisturizing tends to be postponed in seasons and countries where the skin is often sticky, but if you want smooth skin, be sure to moisturize regardless of the season or location. Thorough moisturizing helps to regulate the amount of water inside the skin, stabilize the reincarnation of cells that occur in the epidermis, and speed up recovery in the event of skin problems.

<Points on moisturizing>

After washing your face, your skin will begin to dry rapidly in a few tens of seconds. Moisturize immediately after washing your face! The moisturizing step may be different for each person, but in order not to exert the effect of cosmetics or to put a burden on the skin, basically, cosmetics are used in order from the one with the least oil content. (Toner → serum → emulsion → cream (moisturizing cream) etc.)

3. Use serum

Essence is a special care item that is rich in active ingredients such as moisturizing ingredients and whitening ingredients. Although the price is a little high, it is easy to expect immediate effect because many active ingredients are condensed, and if you find something that suits your skin, it will be easier to get smooth skin more efficiently. The timing of use, the shape and frequency of the beauty essence depend on the manufacturer, but many beauty essences are applied after the lotion.

4. Peel (exfoliation) regularly

“Peeling” that removes unnecessary keratin is also one of the indispensable cares for aiming for smooth skin. This is because there are dead skin cells that cannot be removed by normal face washing and moisturizing care. When a lot of old keratin accumulates on the skin, phenomena such as dullness (getting dull) are likely to occur. Also, if you have too much keratin, your skin’s metabolism will decrease, so it is best to take regular keratin care.

The biggest point when peeling is to make sure to do it about once a week. Frequent peeling keratin care removes even the keratin that protects the skin, and the skin produces excess keratin to replace the removed keratin, which has the opposite effect of peeling. Please note that it will end up.

5. Keep in mind a regular lifestyle

If you want to have smooth skin, care from the “outside” such as moisturizing care is of course important, but care from the “inside” is also important. For example, even the slightest stress will interfere with the function of the autonomic nerves, which are deeply related to the health of the skin, if it is not relieved for a long time.

Also, securing sleep time is a big point. Hormones such as growth hormone, which are necessary for cell renewal and maintenance of physical health that occur in the epidermis of the skin, are mainly secreted during sleep. Therefore, if you wake up late at night for a long period of time, the secretion of hormones that are essential for skin health will decrease, which may cause rough skin.

Another point I want to be aware of is “dietary habits.” It is no exaggeration to say that the human body is mostly made from what we eat. Therefore, if you have an unbalanced diet, your skin tends to be adversely affected. Reviewing your daily diet menu to ensure a well-balanced diet should help prevent future skin problems and make your skin look more like a baby.

How was it? When it comes to aiming for baby-like skin, it is easy to think that a lot of care is needed, but in fact, it is surprisingly easy to obtain smooth skin just by thoroughly implementing the basics of skin care. Depending on the condition of your skin, it may take some time, but by continuing daily moisturizing care and improving your lifestyle, your skin will gradually become beautiful.

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“Vitamin C” is indispensable for beauty and health! What are amazing effects?

The various nutrients contained in food have various functions in the body. Among the many nutrients, vitamin C is found in a wide range of foods such as vegetables, fruits and meat. How does such vitamin C work in the body? This time, we will introduce the effects and effects of vitamin C, as well as foods that are high in vitamin C and efficient intake.

Vitamin C effect

Vitamin C is the most famous of the vitamins. Vitamin C is contained in many foods, and it is well known that lemons are especially high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is also being incorporated into supplements and cosmetics. Vitamin C, which is said to be good for beauty and health, is one of the nutrients that the human body cannot produce by itself, like other vitamins. Vitamin C deficiency can cause symptoms such as irritation, tiredness, and loss of concentration.

To get vitamin C from food, it is recommended to take mainly fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that is highly absorbed by the body and is said to be over 90%. Furthermore, even if it is overdose, it is excreted from the body through urine, so there is little risk of overdose.

Many people know that vitamin C is good for your health, but what are its specific benefits? Below, we’ll introduce you to the amazing benefits of Vitamin C.

Beautiful skin effect

Vitamin C is also a necessary component for the synthesis of collagen, which gives the skin elasticity. Therefore, vitamin C is indispensable for maintaining healthy skin. It also normalizes the cycle of cell reincarnation that occurs in the epidermis and stratum carenum of the skin, leading to bright skin without dullness. In addition to suppressing the synthesis of melanin pigments that cause age spots, it also has the effect of reducing the oxidized and blackened melanin pigments to colorless, which can be expected to prevent age spots and freckles.

Aging Care

We inhale a large amount of oxygen when we breathe, and in this process, some of the oxygen is converted to active oxygen. Reactive oxygen species generated in the body are thought to rust our cells and tissues, leading to aging and fatigue accumulation. Vitamin C has a high antioxidant effect to remove active oxygen, which is useful for fatigue recovery and aging care.

Immunity up

Immunity is a system that protects our body from foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses. Our bodies are naturally equipped with immunity, but if that power weakens for some reason, pathogens and other substances cannot be eliminated, making us more susceptible to infectious diseases and worsening our symptoms. Vitamin C, which has a high antioxidant effect, plays a major role in activating white blood cells that control immunity. From these functions, it is expected to have the effect of improving immunity and anti-cancer effects.

Anemia prevention

Iron is an important material that makes red blood cells. People who suffer from anemia want to take in iron well, but some iron contained in food is not easily absorbed by the body. Vitamin C plays an active role there, and it also has the function of supporting the absorption of iron.

Fatigue recovery

Vitamin C is said to have a fatigue-relieving effect because it increases resistance to stress, promotes blood circulation, and enhances the absorption of nutrients that have a fatigue-relieving effect. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that does many things when it enters our body. Therefore, it’s a good idea to start with raw foods as much as possible.

How Much Vitamin C Do You Need? Check intake

Vitamin C is not produced by the body, so it can only be taken from the outside. The standard daily intake is 100 mg for adults. You need 800 mg of vitamin C for health and 1,000 mg for beauty. Also, it does not mean that “it is safe to take 100 mg”. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, so it has the property of being easily dissolved in water and not easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, be aware of taking 100 mg or more.

Ingredients high in vitamin C

Vitamin C is mainly abundant in vegetables, fruits, potatoes and sweet potatoes. The amount of vitamin C contained in 100g of each ingredient is summarized below.

Red bell pepper: 170mg
Yellow pepper: 150mg
Broccoli: 120mg
Kiwifruit (yellow): 140mg
Rape blossom (canola flower): 110mg
Kiwifruit (green): 69mg
Strawberries: 62mg
Navel orange: 60mg
Lemon juice: 50mg
Cabbage: 41 mg
Potato: 35 mg
Sweet potato: 29mg

Changes in vitamin C due to cooking

Vitamin C, a water-soluble vitamin, dissolves in the broth and is lost when boiled. Also, because it is sensitive to heat, it is easily lost by heating. In order to take vitamin C efficiently, it is recommended to shorten the time of contact with water and heat, or to make the broth into a drinkable soup. Although it is susceptible to cooking, potatoes and sweet potatoes with vitamin C wrapped in starch are said to be relatively heat-resistant.

Get a healthy body with Vitamin C

As we have seen, there are many vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, and their effects and effects are also various. Take good vitamin C to help maintain a healthy body.

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Drinking too much coffee is bad for the skin?!

Is drinking too much coffee a cause of rough skin? The correct way to drink to prevent rough skin

It is said that drinking too much coffee causes rough skin. It’s a shocking story for coffee lovers. Why does drinking too much coffee cause rough skin? Therefore, in this article, I will introduce the relationship between coffee and rough skin, and the correct way to drink coffee to prevent rough skin and obtain the effect of leading to beautiful skin.

Why coffee causes rough skin

Undernourishment due to the diuretic effect of caffeine

Caffeine in coffee has a diuretic effect. Overdose of caffeine can drain water from your body, which can lead to dry skin. In addition, along with urine, vitamin B group, vitamin C, and other essential ingredients for beautiful skin are also released from the body, which may lead to malnutrition.

The autonomic nerves are disturbed by the arousal action

Caffeine in coffee has a wakefulness effect. It is effective when taken at work or when you want to get rid of drowsiness, but if you take too much, your autonomic nerves may be disturbed, your sleep quality may deteriorate, and sebum may be excessively secreted.

Damage the stomach

Although it is a relaxing coffee, caffeine has the effect of promoting the secretion of stomach acid, so if you drink too much, your stomach may become irritated. When the stomach is dysfunctional, the body is nourished and is prone to rough skin.

The correct way to drink coffee to prevent rough skin

There are three points in how to drink coffee to get the effect that leads to beautiful skin while preventing rough skin.

1. Avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach

I think there are many people who say, “If you don’t get up in the morning and drink coffee, the day won’t start …”. However, if you drink coffee on an empty stomach when there is no food in your stomach, it may cause excessive gastric acid secretion and rough skin. Therefore, eat breakfast such as toast and cereals before drinking coffee.

2. Get hydrated

Some people may say, “Drink coffee instead of water for hydration …”. However, coffee has a diuretic effect, so if you drink too much, even the necessary ingredients such as vitamin C and minerals in your body will be excreted from the body. In addition, excessive water excretion causes dehydration and causes dry skin.
Therefore, you can prevent skin troubles caused by caffeine by placing a PET bottle of mineral water next to you while drinking coffee and making sure that the water is hydrated.

3.  Don’t drink coffee or make it decaffeinated in the evening

Some people may say, “A cup of coffee during the relaxing time after work …”. However, if you ingest caffeine in the evening, your parasympathetic nerves will not work well until night, which may cause you to fall asleep or sleep lightly. When the quality of sleep deteriorates, the circulation of cell reincarnation that occurs in the epidermis and stratum carenum of the skin is disrupted, and rough skin is more likely to occur. Therefore, avoid drinking coffee in the evening or use non-caffeine coffee.

4. Do not drink too much, with 3-4 cups a day as a guide.

Limit coffee to 3-4 cups a day to prevent vitamin deficiency due to excess caffeine, sleep deprivation, and stomach upset. It is said that if the amount is suppressed, the adverse effect is relatively small.

If you drink it correctly, you don’t have to worry about rough skin.

As explained so far, drinking too much coffee can cause skin irritation. However, coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, aroma components, and other cosmetic ingredients that make your skin beautiful, so it is important to drink it correctly. Let’s enjoy coffee in the right way to prevent rough skin while referring to the contents of this article.