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Recognize rather than Compliment [YOU are the best MOM] vol.16

Raise your child’s self-affirmation with “recognize words” rather than compliment!

It is said that complimenting child-rearing is very useful for the growth of the child’s mind, so many moms are practicing it. In addition, there are many moms who are worried that they may not be able to praise them just because they are scolding them. On the other hand, some criticisms have begun to appear regarding complimenting child-rearing. Some people think that praising too much can have a negative effect on children. It’s quite difficult to praise and raise a child who is terrible twos, rebellious, or naughty. For those who have such problems, we recommend that you use “words that recognize your actions” that convey to your child as it really is.

Communicating the facts you see to your child in words conveys the words you admit.

Communicating the words you recognize is what you notice, such as your child’s small changes, achievements, and efforts. All you have to do is convey the information as you see it, such as “I’m always doing my best” and “I’m practicing a lot”. This is conveyed to the child as a message that they are interested in you and support you. It’s as satisfying as a child’s compliment. And the child gains true self-confidence by feeling that he / she recognizes himself / herself.

Acknowledging the facts that can be done will increase the child’s self-affirmation
It’s easy to just keep an eye on the facts and actions, but it has a big effect. Even adults, when they cut their hair, when they say, “You cut your hair,” you’re a little happy that you noticed it, right? Even if there are no words that are highly evaluated, such as “it looks good” or “it looks nice”, it makes me happy that “this person is looking at me”.

The same is true for children. Parents are interested in me just by watching, watching, and telling the child’s behavior, such as “I ate half a meal,” “I put out a lot of toys,” and “I put on my shoes.” The feeling of self-affirmation will increase. If you try to “acknowledge”, your child’s self-affirmation will increase and a relationship of trust with their parents will be fostered. And naturally, scolding children will decrease.

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When did you start seasoning baby food? Precautions and timing and amount of seasonings

Baby food is the first meal a baby eats. If your baby doesn’t eat much baby food, you may wonder, “Is it badly seasoned?” This time, I would like to introduce the time to start seasoning baby food according to the age of the moon and the precautions for seasoning.

When did you start seasoning baby food?

Baby food basically does not need to be seasoned. Especially in the early days of baby food, it is more important for the baby to feel the taste of the ingredients themselves than to season them. It is not recommended to overdo the seasoning and give the baby a strong seasoning.

So when should we start seasoning? It will be after the middle term to season baby food with seasonings. However, the amount that can be used for each seasoning is decided. Adults and babies are completely different, so the amount of seasoning is very small, and it doesn’t matter if the seasoning is light, so it is important to know when to use which seasoning, what kind of seasoning is preferable, and the amount of seasoning according to the age of the moon. ..

Precautions for seasoning

The taste and dietary preferences cultivated during infancy also affect subsequent eating habits. There is a reason why it is said that baby food should be lightly flavored without seasoning. This is because if you get used to the strong seasoning when you are a baby, you tend to prefer the strong seasoning when you grow up. Also, since babies have immature livers, feeding them a heavily seasoned baby food can cause a strain on the immature liver. Therefore, when seasoning baby food, it is necessary to keep in mind the very light taste of flavor.

The burden on the liver is also a concern, but if the amount of sugar intake increases due to strong seasoning, it can also cause the skin to become dry. If you eat too much sweets in infancy, your baby’s natural moisturized skin will be lost and your skin will become dry. Infant eczema (infantile eczema) causes more babies to suffer, especially during the dry season. The “itch” caused by dryness can easily lead to crying and fussy at night. For this reason, you have to keep the seasoning light.

Seasoning in the early stages of baby food (5-6 months after birth)

In the early days of starting baby food, seasonings cannot be used. First, let’s get used to it without seasoning so that you can feel the taste of the ingredients. The early stage of baby food is an important time to check the compatibility between the ingredients and the body and increase the number of ingredients that can be eaten after the middle stage of baby food. Especially when there are ingredients that are not suitable for moms and dads, it is important to experience the taste of the new ingredients rather than seasoning, because it is necessary to carefully proceed with the new ingredients.

Seasoning of mid-term baby food (7-8 months old)

Compared to the seasoning in the early stages of baby food, the types of seasonings that can be used will increase from the latter half of the middle period, and you will be able to challenge various menus and cooking methods. However, since there are individual differences in the development of babies, it is best not to use seasonings if possible, considering the burden on internal organs. When seasoning, pay close attention to the amount used and try to make it light.

■ Seasoning that can be seasoned in the middle of baby food

  • Salt-up to 0.1 g once (do not use as much as possible)
  • Sugar-1 time 2 to 2.5 g
  • butter. Oils-up to 2 to 2.5 g at a time (please refrain from it if possible)

Seasoning of late baby food (9-11 months after birth)

In the latter half of weaning food, various seasonings such as oil can be used for seasoning, but animal lard is a burden on the body, so choose vegetable oil, and fried foods use a lot of oil, so please refrain from doing so. Also, since most ingredients contain salt, seasoning with salt is basically unnecessary. Don’t use multiple seasonings in one dish, just one.

■ Seasoning that can be seasoned in the latter half of baby food

  • Salt-from 0.1 to 0.3 g once
  • Sugar-up to 3g at a time
  • Butter and oils-up to 3g at a time
  • Salty soy sauce-up to 2 g at a time

Seasoning during the baby food completion period (1 year to 1 year and 5 months)

Ideally, you should get 80% of the nutrition you need from baby food during the baby food completion period, but since you cannot eat a lot at once, give snacks twice in the morning and afternoon in addition to three meals. .. Commercially available biscuits are convenient for snacks during the baby food season, but in terms of seasoning, we recommend light meals such as fruits and sweet potatoes that do not use seasonings, and milk.

The main ingredients of mayonnaise are oil, raw egg yolk, and vinegar. You don’t want to give too much oil or raw food at the end of the season, so try to reduce the amount of oil or salt with handmade mayonnaise.

■ Seasoning that can be seasoned when baby food is completed

  • Salt-from 0.4 to 0.6 g once
  • Sugar-1 time up to 4g
  • butter. Oils-up to 4g at a time
  • Salty soy sauce-up to 4 g at a time

So far, we have introduced the seasoning of baby food. Throughout the baby food period, babies experience various tastes and textures and learn their tastes and textures. It is important to adjust the taste of baby food as your baby grows, paying attention to when and how much seasoning you can use. Please refer to this article and increase the variation of the menu.

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10 minute Hair-do for your Baby Girl!

You can do it in 10 minutes! Hair arrangement that does not easily collapse for girls from infants to elementary school students

I want to give my child a cute hairstyle, but I think there are many moms who aren’t able to do it because they are busy or because they are clumsy. Arranging cute hair for children is not only a pleasure for children, but also a valuable time for communication between parents and children. Here are some recommended hair arrangements for toddlers to elementary school girls.

5 Girl Hair Arrangements

Introducing a hair arrangement that is easy to make every morning and does not crumble easily.

Puffy braid

A method of dividing hair into small blocks and tying them together. It’s easy and hard to collapse because you can tie only the parts of the same length. If you change the color of the rubber for each knot, it will be colorful and cute.

  1. Divide the back hair into centers. Divide into smaller blocks from the top
  2. Tie tightly in order from the top. Add the hair tied in the upper row to the next knot

Braids that won’t crumble

If you just braid, will the hair on the top and sides collapse after a while, and it will be meaningless to tie it? If you use the following method, it will not collapse over time and will be tied properly, making it look more cute than just a braid.

  1. Take only the top and tie
  2. Break a little above the knot. Hold the knot and insert it by turning the hair bundle from above.
  3. Braid the hair from 3.2 and the rest of the hair underneath, and do the same on the other side.

Double Buns, Space Buns

A double bun hair arrangement that can be easily done even on a busy morning. It doesn’t crumble easily and has a very cute finish.

  1. Divide the hair in two and make the division zigzag
  2. Make it twin tails (bunches).
  3. Braid the tied hair.
  4. Roll the braid and fasten it with rubber to complete.

Rapunzel style arrangement

Next is an arrangement of long hair, like the princess Rapunzel.

  1. Braid the side hair. Tie the braid to the other side with rubber.
  2. Braid the other side in the same way.
  3. Divide the left hair into three parts.
  4. Mix the braid you made with the hair you left behind and braid the whole thing.
  5. While holding the rubber, loosen the braid a little to give it volume.

Anna and Elsa style (from Frozen) arrangement

Next is Anna and Elsa style arrangement. The point is that it is easy, but even children’s hair does not crumble easily.

  1. Tie your hair sideways.
  2. Break a little above the knot. Hold the knot and insert it by turning the hair bundle from above
  3. Braid it and you’re done.

How was it. From among many hairstyles, we have introduced an arrangement that is relatively easy and does not crumble. Most can be done in less than 10 minutes. If you are a girl mom, please try it.

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Facing a child’s developmental disability?

What is a child’s developmental disability? Face obstacles correctly

Developmental disability is a natural disorder in the development of the brain. There are irregularities in the progress of growth and development, which can cause troubles and troubles in daily life and relationships. Developmental disabilities can be difficult to understand from the outside, and can be thought of as “selfish children,” “problem children,” or “bad parenting.” Some parents blame themselves for their child’s developmental disabilities, but not because of discipline, how they are raised, or the environment.

Causes of developmental disabilities

Developmental disorders are inherited

Developmental disabilities are also considered to be hereditary disorders, and it is sometimes said that if one or both of the parents have a developmental disability, the child is also more likely to have a developmental disability. However, even if both parents have developmental disabilities, the child born may not have a disability, and conversely, a child with a developmental disability may be born from parents without a disability.

Some parents are unaware that they have a developmental disability because the term developmental disability was not previously recognized. It is not uncommon to find out that you have a developmental disability because your child has a developmental disability.

Causes during pregnancy

The effects of pregnancy can also lead to developmental disabilities. One of them is smoking for pregnant women. Statistics show that smoking during pregnancy more than doubles the chances of having a baby with Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Another cause is the drinking of pregnant women. Heavy drinking during pregnancy has long been a cause of disability, but even small amounts have been shown to cause disability in babies.

Types of developmental disabilities

There are three types of developmental disabilities. Let’s take a look at its characteristics.

ASD (autism spectrum disorder)

ASD is autism spectrum disorder. It is characterized by being weak in interpersonal relationships and having a strong commitment to something. Children with ASD often have distinct areas of strength and weakness. Therefore, be aware of “strengthening what you are good at” as a support that your family can do.

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

ADHD, or “attention deficit / hyperactivity disorder,” is a type of developmental disorder. Specifically, it has characteristics such as being unable to control one’s emotions, being unable to grasp the emotions of others, and being unable to concentrate on things. However, in recent years, it is said that depending on the support, you can go to school and make friends, and you can live like a child without a disability.

LD (Learning Disability)

Learning disabilities (LD) often delay the development of abilities such as listening, speaking, reading, writing, and calculating. Therefore, at school, etc., the achievement level of learning may be delayed compared to the students around. In the case of LD, there are many cases where obstacles cannot be found until the start of full-scale study. Therefore, it is possible to misunderstand that it is not an obstacle but “insufficient effort”. Finding a disability early will prevent you from losing confidence.

What about rehabilitation for developmental disabilities?

Rehabilitation is an aid to bring out the power of the person and lead a fulfilling life, and it is also an aid to social independence. We do not train ourselves to do something or do anything to improve our symptoms. We will comprehensively provide assistance tailored to that person. It is important to support the person by thinking about “what should be done to make life easier” and “what kind of power and how to improve”. People with developmental disabilities are by no means inferior and are not socially incompatible. With proper support, it is possible to take advantage of the characteristics of developmental disabilities to gain success in society and a happy life.

Let’s think about how to grow it rather than the cause of the disability

Parents should not blame themselves, even if their child has a disability. The most important thing is to get the right knowledge and get professional support. Let’s think positively about how to grow it in the future, not just the cause.

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When facing uncertainty… [YOU are the best MOM] vol.15

If you feel uneasy about raising a child, hug your child for “7 seconds”!

Some moms lose their confidence as mothers in difficult parenting. Depression and self-loathing occur after something bad happens. I feel depressed when I think to my child, “I said too much,” “I scolded too much,” and “I should have done more.” And if you escalate further, you will blame yourself for “I’m a bad mom” and “I’m disqualified from my mother” and fall into self-loathing. Once you feel that you are a “bad mother”, everything seems like that, but is the mom who feels “disqualified” really a bad mom?

Don’t blame yourself for not enjoying parenting

There are “suitable / unsuitable” for parenting. In addition, during the long period of child-rearing, there are also “children’s growth periods” that I am not good at. Do not hurt the child, give him food, words and eyes, put him to sleep, and if he gets sick, take him to the hospital to take care of him. Basically, if you can do that, I think you will pass as a parent. I think that love and trust are born from such relationships. When you’re depressed, “I’m a bad mother …”, ask yourself, “Is that so? Sometimes I’m done?” It is also important to work hard for yourself and forgive yourself for not working hard.

When you feel uneasy about raising a child, reset with a 7-second hug that makes you happy

Even if you are aware that you care about yourself, you may feel anxious about childcare. In such a case, hug your child for 7 seconds. When hugged for 7 seconds, the happiness hormone “oxytocin” is secreted, and both moms and children can feel happy. The happiness of a mom is the happiness of a child. Rather than trying to be an ideal mom, having a smile and interacting with the child leads to the happiness of the child. He is a good mother just by sharing a good time with her child without overdoing it.