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When did you start seasoning baby food? Precautions and timing and amount of seasonings

Baby food is the first meal a baby eats. If your baby doesn’t eat much baby food, you may wonder, “Is it badly seasoned?” This time, I would like to introduce the time to start seasoning baby food according to the age of the moon and the precautions for seasoning.

When did you start seasoning baby food?

Baby food basically does not need to be seasoned. Especially in the early days of baby food, it is more important for the baby to feel the taste of the ingredients themselves than to season them. It is not recommended to overdo the seasoning and give the baby a strong seasoning.

So when should we start seasoning? It will be after the middle term to season baby food with seasonings. However, the amount that can be used for each seasoning is decided. Adults and babies are completely different, so the amount of seasoning is very small, and it doesn’t matter if the seasoning is light, so it is important to know when to use which seasoning, what kind of seasoning is preferable, and the amount of seasoning according to the age of the moon. ..

Precautions for seasoning

The taste and dietary preferences cultivated during infancy also affect subsequent eating habits. There is a reason why it is said that baby food should be lightly flavored without seasoning. This is because if you get used to the strong seasoning when you are a baby, you tend to prefer the strong seasoning when you grow up. Also, since babies have immature livers, feeding them a heavily seasoned baby food can cause a strain on the immature liver. Therefore, when seasoning baby food, it is necessary to keep in mind the very light taste of flavor.

The burden on the liver is also a concern, but if the amount of sugar intake increases due to strong seasoning, it can also cause the skin to become dry. If you eat too much sweets in infancy, your baby’s natural moisturized skin will be lost and your skin will become dry. Infant eczema (infantile eczema) causes more babies to suffer, especially during the dry season. The “itch” caused by dryness can easily lead to crying and fussy at night. For this reason, you have to keep the seasoning light.

Seasoning in the early stages of baby food (5-6 months after birth)

In the early days of starting baby food, seasonings cannot be used. First, let’s get used to it without seasoning so that you can feel the taste of the ingredients. The early stage of baby food is an important time to check the compatibility between the ingredients and the body and increase the number of ingredients that can be eaten after the middle stage of baby food. Especially when there are ingredients that are not suitable for moms and dads, it is important to experience the taste of the new ingredients rather than seasoning, because it is necessary to carefully proceed with the new ingredients.

Seasoning of mid-term baby food (7-8 months old)

Compared to the seasoning in the early stages of baby food, the types of seasonings that can be used will increase from the latter half of the middle period, and you will be able to challenge various menus and cooking methods. However, since there are individual differences in the development of babies, it is best not to use seasonings if possible, considering the burden on internal organs. When seasoning, pay close attention to the amount used and try to make it light.

■ Seasoning that can be seasoned in the middle of baby food

  • Salt-up to 0.1 g once (do not use as much as possible)
  • Sugar-1 time 2 to 2.5 g
  • butter. Oils-up to 2 to 2.5 g at a time (please refrain from it if possible)

Seasoning of late baby food (9-11 months after birth)

In the latter half of weaning food, various seasonings such as oil can be used for seasoning, but animal lard is a burden on the body, so choose vegetable oil, and fried foods use a lot of oil, so please refrain from doing so. Also, since most ingredients contain salt, seasoning with salt is basically unnecessary. Don’t use multiple seasonings in one dish, just one.

■ Seasoning that can be seasoned in the latter half of baby food

  • Salt-from 0.1 to 0.3 g once
  • Sugar-up to 3g at a time
  • Butter and oils-up to 3g at a time
  • Salty soy sauce-up to 2 g at a time

Seasoning during the baby food completion period (1 year to 1 year and 5 months)

Ideally, you should get 80% of the nutrition you need from baby food during the baby food completion period, but since you cannot eat a lot at once, give snacks twice in the morning and afternoon in addition to three meals. .. Commercially available biscuits are convenient for snacks during the baby food season, but in terms of seasoning, we recommend light meals such as fruits and sweet potatoes that do not use seasonings, and milk.

The main ingredients of mayonnaise are oil, raw egg yolk, and vinegar. You don’t want to give too much oil or raw food at the end of the season, so try to reduce the amount of oil or salt with handmade mayonnaise.

■ Seasoning that can be seasoned when baby food is completed

  • Salt-from 0.4 to 0.6 g once
  • Sugar-1 time up to 4g
  • butter. Oils-up to 4g at a time
  • Salty soy sauce-up to 4 g at a time

So far, we have introduced the seasoning of baby food. Throughout the baby food period, babies experience various tastes and textures and learn their tastes and textures. It is important to adjust the taste of baby food as your baby grows, paying attention to when and how much seasoning you can use. Please refer to this article and increase the variation of the menu.


Baby Manicure

When do you start nail clippers for babies? Introducing how to cut and precautions

Newborn babies are active in metabolism. Therefore, the speed at which the nail grows is faster than expected, and it is necessary to cut it into small pieces. Leaving stretched nails can cause your baby to scratch his face and eyes. This time, I will explain the points when cutting a baby’s nails and when to start cutting.

When should you start nail clippers for your baby?

There is no rule that baby’s nails should be cut from the day or week after birth. If the tip of your nail is protruding from the tip of your finger, it is in a stretched state, so cut off the white part of your nail. Some babies are born in a slightly stretched state because their claws are growing while they are in the mother’s stomach.

When cutting your baby’s nails, use scissors-shaped nail clippers for newborns or babies. The cutting edge is round and made short so that the blade does not open wide, so there is no risk of injury even if the baby suddenly moves. Never use nail clippers for adults as they have wide open blades and can hurt your baby’s fingers.


How long your nails grow depends on your baby, but it’s a good idea to cut your nails once every 3 to 4 days or once a week. If the white part of your nail extends beyond your fingertips, cut it. The point when cutting a baby’s nails is not to try to cut all the fingers at once, but to cut them in several steps. Let’s respond according to the baby’s mood, physical condition and condition, such as stopping when the baby goes wild.


The best time to cut your baby’s nails is during a nap. It is recommended because you do not have to worry about going wild during a nap and the room is bright and easy to work with. Try to do it during a nap before you get used to it. Except when taking a nap, you don’t have to worry about going wild because you are concentrating while breastfeeding. It’s also a good idea to have your dad cut your baby’s nails while your mom and baby are breastfeeding. However, if your baby doesn’t like it or goes wild, don’t overdo it and deal with it as much as possible.

How to cut your baby’s nails and precautions

Below, we will introduce the procedures and points for cutting the nails of babies and newborns.

Baby nail clippers procedure

  1. Place the baby on your lap and wrap the baby’s hand with one hand
  2. Pinch one finger to cut your nails with your mom’s fingertips and fix it.
  3. Hold the nail clippers, first cut from both ends of the nail, and finally cut the center. Divide into 4 to 5 times and cut little by little

Points for cutting baby’s nails

To avoid cut a nail too short or ingrown nail, leave about 0.5 to 1 mm of white part of the nail.

  • Do not cut the nails in a straight line, but cut them from both ends little by little so that they become round.
  • Do this when your baby does not go wild, such as when you are sleeping or drinking milk.
  • If your baby goes wild, don’t force it, stop it halfway, and cut it again the next day or later.
  • Even if you cut while your baby is sleeping, your fingertips may move suddenly, so be careful.

Precautions when cutting nails for newborns and babies

When cutting the nails of newborns and babies, it is important to stop when they are violent and to consider when they do not move much. If your baby goes wild while cutting your nails, it will be easier to deepen your nails. Make sure that either your dad or mom cuts in a short amount of time while your baby is concentrating on breastfeeding.

Also, after taking a bath, it is easy to think that the nails are soft and easy to cut, but be careful with babies. Unlike adults, babies and newborns have soft nails, so they may cut too much without knowing how they are cutting. If you cut it after taking a bath, be careful not to get deep nails.

Cut the newborn’s nails properly

Newborn nails must be cut frequently due to active metabolism. It grows faster and is softer than adults. Please be careful when cutting your nails and be very safe.



Anyone can easily do it! How to soften period pains and menstrual pains

Do you think that it is normal for you to have menstrual cramps and spend your days putting up with it? Symptoms during and before menstruation vary from person to person, and some people can continue to work as usual during menstruation, while others say that if they do not take painkillers every month, they will interfere with their daily lives.

There are two types of menstrual pain that require treatment at the hospital and those that can be treated by improving lifestyle habits. This time, we will introduce the abnormalities and symptoms of menstrual pain and how to relieve menstrual pain.

About abnormalities and symptoms of menstrual pain

Pain in the lower abdomen and weight in the lower back during menstruation are due to blood stagnation around the uterus. If you have lower abdominal pain on the first or second day of menstruation, but it is not enough to take painkillers and there is no particular problem with school or work, be careful not to cool your body, stretch, etc. Let’s try to improve blood circulation by doing light exercise.

Abnormal menstrual pain is suspected when the pain is so severe that it interferes with daily activities or requires several painkillers to be taken each time. If you have to fall asleep every time you have menstruation and have to take a break from school or work, the painkillers that used to work are no longer working, or the painkillers are working for a shorter period of time. Be careful. If the pain increases year by year or if you have pain other than menstruation, you may need to see a gynecologist because the disease that causes menstrual pain may be progressing.

How to relieve menstrual cramps

1. Warm the body

One of the causes of worsening menstrual pain and menstrual pain is poor blood circulation due to cold body. During menstruation, changes in hormones lower the body temperature, so it is said that even people who do not usually feel cold tend to get cold. It is important to warm your body by wrapping a blanket around your abdomen.

2. Spend in a posture that relieves menstrual pain

When your stomach hurts due to menstrual cramps, your body tends to become tense and your back tends to curl up. I’m sure some people are worried about menstrual bleeding leaks and have put a lot of effort into their legs and abdomen. This will cause poor blood circulation. Ideally, you should be in the best possible posture, try to relax, and when you are sitting, open your legs to the side and sit with your pelvis upright, like riding a horse.

Also, if you have pain in your period and cannot sleep, it is recommended to sleep sideways. Bending your knees and curling your back a little will relieve tension in your abdomen. If you are concerned about pressure on your shoulders or face, place a cushion on one side of your back and lie on your back a little to disperse your center of gravity and make it easier.

3. Exercise moderately

If you have a small amount of muscle, you will not be able to produce heat and your body will get cold easily, and the pumping action of the muscles to the blood vessels will be weakened, resulting in poor blood circulation. By properly ingesting high-quality protein and exercising moderately, it is possible to maintain muscle mass and improve blood circulation. It may not be effective immediately, but it is a good idea to get into the habit of doing light exercise such as walking and stretching every day as a basic measure against cold.

4. Eat food that warms your body

Foods that cool the body include refined foods such as white rice and white sugar, vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers that can be grown on the ground, passion fruit that can be harvested in hot regions and hot seasons, and junk food. If you are aware that it is easy to get cold, try to avoid these foods as much as possible.

On the other hand, foods that warm the body are unrefined foods such as brown rice and brown sugar, fermented foods, root crops that can be found in the soil, and foods that can be harvested in cold regions and seasons. For example, ginger is a typical food that warms the body, so it is recommended to take it positively, such as using it in daily cooking or drinking hot water containing ginger instead of coffee.

5. Stimulates pressure points to relieve menstrual cramps

Acupuncture points, which are said to be effective for menstrual pain and symptoms peculiar to women, are scattered on the abdomen, the back of the knees, and the ankles. One of the easiest things to do during desk work or commuting is to press the acupoints under the belly button and in your hand. Acupuncture points that are effective for menstrual pain are concentrated on the line directly below Oheso, so it is good to warm them, gently press them with your fingers, or rub them.

There are also acupuncture points at the intersection of the index finger and thumb of the hand, so it is a good idea to gently stimulate the area where you feel comfortable along the bones of the index finger.

How was it. Here are five easy ways to relieve menstrual cramps. There are many ways you can deal with it without resorting to medicine, so give it a try. However, if your period pain is still unbearable, your illness may be hidden and you should take medicine or see a doctor.

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When facing uncertainty… [YOU are the best MOM] vol.15

If you feel uneasy about raising a child, hug your child for “7 seconds”!

Some moms lose their confidence as mothers in difficult parenting. Depression and self-loathing occur after something bad happens. I feel depressed when I think to my child, “I said too much,” “I scolded too much,” and “I should have done more.” And if you escalate further, you will blame yourself for “I’m a bad mom” and “I’m disqualified from my mother” and fall into self-loathing. Once you feel that you are a “bad mother”, everything seems like that, but is the mom who feels “disqualified” really a bad mom?

Don’t blame yourself for not enjoying parenting

There are “suitable / unsuitable” for parenting. In addition, during the long period of child-rearing, there are also “children’s growth periods” that I am not good at. Do not hurt the child, give him food, words and eyes, put him to sleep, and if he gets sick, take him to the hospital to take care of him. Basically, if you can do that, I think you will pass as a parent. I think that love and trust are born from such relationships. When you’re depressed, “I’m a bad mother …”, ask yourself, “Is that so? Sometimes I’m done?” It is also important to work hard for yourself and forgive yourself for not working hard.

When you feel uneasy about raising a child, reset with a 7-second hug that makes you happy

Even if you are aware that you care about yourself, you may feel anxious about childcare. In such a case, hug your child for 7 seconds. When hugged for 7 seconds, the happiness hormone “oxytocin” is secreted, and both moms and children can feel happy. The happiness of a mom is the happiness of a child. Rather than trying to be an ideal mom, having a smile and interacting with the child leads to the happiness of the child. He is a good mother just by sharing a good time with her child without overdoing it.


Desk work vs Dieting?! How does it work?

Is desk work easy to get fat? The cause and the diet method that can be done at the desk

I think there are many people who continue to work at their desks and are worried that they may have gained weight recently. If you actually continue desk work for a long period of time, you will not move your body, so you will burn less calories, lose muscle mass, and often end up gaining more weight.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the training that you can do even during desk work and the habits that you want to acquire for dieting.

Why is it easy to get fat in desk work?

When you are sitting at desk work, you tend to work in the same posture for a long time, or you tend to lose your posture and become a hunched back. In fact, this is the biggest cause of getting fat at desk work.

For example, what I often do during desk work is the posture of a stoop with the neck protruding forward. This worsens blood circulation around the neck and shoulders and causes stiffness. When the muscles become stiff, the blood vessels are further compressed, leading to poor blood circulation throughout the body. Care should be taken as coldness and swelling caused by poor circulation can cause cellulite. Also, even if you are in the correct posture, if you keep the same posture for a long time, stiffness will occur, resulting in partial poor circulation.

Such poor circulation occurs not only in the feet, which are prone to swelling, but also in the intestines. When the intestines swell, the activity of the intestines decreases and it causes constipation, which leads to deterioration of the intestinal environment. In this kind of environment where chronic coldness, swelling, and constipation are caused, it is easy to get fat. This is one of the reasons why desk work makes it easier to gain weight.

Recommended diet that you can do during desk work

The following is a diet method that you can easily do even during desk work, so if you are concerned about desk work fatness, please give it a try.

1. Sit in a beautiful posture

There are ways to work your muscles and consume energy while sitting. It is to maintain the correct posture. Leaning on the back of a chair and sitting in a distorted position consumes very little energy. If you sit lightly in a chair, put some pressure on your abdomen and keep your back straight, you can consume as much energy as you do when you are standing. If you keep this posture, your abdominal muscles will also work.

In addition, sitting with your back straight will also improve your posture. Sitting in a good posture not only consumes energy, but also improves your posture and shows your enthusiasm for work, so be sure to do it.

2. Exercise to stimulate your stomach

  •  Slowly exhale and dent your stomach.
  •  Once you have dented to the limit, keep it in that state for 15 to 30 seconds. You can breathe during this time.

This exercise can stimulate the intestines and improve blood circulation in the intestines. It can also be expected to relieve constipation, so it is especially recommended for people who are chronically suffering from constipation.

3. Stretching the back of the thighs improves blood circulation in the legs

  •  First, straighten your back and sit in a chair.
  •  After extending one leg forward, pull up your toes.
  •  Slide your body with the image of sticking your stomach forward and keep it for 6 seconds while exhaling.

This stretch softens the hamstrings on the back of the thighs and improves blood circulation in the legs.

4. Stand up once an hour

It is also said that sitting down worsens blood flow and increases the risk of heart disease in the future. When blood flow is blocked, the legs become swollen and thickened, and the whole body becomes cold, causing a decrease in metabolism. The important thing in dieting is not to slow down your metabolism. No matter how busy your work is, be conscious of leaving your seat once an hour. This alone will change the degree of swelling of the legs.

5. Drink hot coffee

Drinks that you drink while working may be different for each person, such as tea or water from a PET bottle of juice, but if you are conscious of dieting, black hot coffee that does not contain sugar is recommended. Caffeine contained in coffee is said to have a fat burning effect and an appetite suppressing effect. Besides, coffee has almost no calories when it is black, so people who have been drinking juice or refreshing drinks can reduce their calorie intake simply by switching to coffee. Caffeine also has a wakefulness effect, so you can stay awake and focus on your work.

How was it? When it comes to desk work, it’s easy to think that it’s natural to get fat because you don’t move while sitting, but you can practice what is effective for dieting while sitting. Maybe I’m getting fat because of my desk work! ?? If you feel that, try incorporating the simple habits introduced here.