Desk work vs Dieting?! How does it work?

Is desk work easy to get fat? The cause and the diet method that can be done at the desk

I think there are many people who continue to work at their desks and are worried that they may have gained weight recently. If you actually continue desk work for a long period of time, you will not move your body, so you will burn less calories, lose muscle mass, and often end up gaining more weight.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the training that you can do even during desk work and the habits that you want to acquire for dieting.

Why is it easy to get fat in desk work?

When you are sitting at desk work, you tend to work in the same posture for a long time, or you tend to lose your posture and become a hunched back. In fact, this is the biggest cause of getting fat at desk work.

For example, what I often do during desk work is the posture of a stoop with the neck protruding forward. This worsens blood circulation around the neck and shoulders and causes stiffness. When the muscles become stiff, the blood vessels are further compressed, leading to poor blood circulation throughout the body. Care should be taken as coldness and swelling caused by poor circulation can cause cellulite. Also, even if you are in the correct posture, if you keep the same posture for a long time, stiffness will occur, resulting in partial poor circulation.

Such poor circulation occurs not only in the feet, which are prone to swelling, but also in the intestines. When the intestines swell, the activity of the intestines decreases and it causes constipation, which leads to deterioration of the intestinal environment. In this kind of environment where chronic coldness, swelling, and constipation are caused, it is easy to get fat. This is one of the reasons why desk work makes it easier to gain weight.

Recommended diet that you can do during desk work

The following is a diet method that you can easily do even during desk work, so if you are concerned about desk work fatness, please give it a try.

1. Sit in a beautiful posture

There are ways to work your muscles and consume energy while sitting. It is to maintain the correct posture. Leaning on the back of a chair and sitting in a distorted position consumes very little energy. If you sit lightly in a chair, put some pressure on your abdomen and keep your back straight, you can consume as much energy as you do when you are standing. If you keep this posture, your abdominal muscles will also work.

In addition, sitting with your back straight will also improve your posture. Sitting in a good posture not only consumes energy, but also improves your posture and shows your enthusiasm for work, so be sure to do it.

2. Exercise to stimulate your stomach

  •  Slowly exhale and dent your stomach.
  •  Once you have dented to the limit, keep it in that state for 15 to 30 seconds. You can breathe during this time.

This exercise can stimulate the intestines and improve blood circulation in the intestines. It can also be expected to relieve constipation, so it is especially recommended for people who are chronically suffering from constipation.

3. Stretching the back of the thighs improves blood circulation in the legs

  •  First, straighten your back and sit in a chair.
  •  After extending one leg forward, pull up your toes.
  •  Slide your body with the image of sticking your stomach forward and keep it for 6 seconds while exhaling.

This stretch softens the hamstrings on the back of the thighs and improves blood circulation in the legs.

4. Stand up once an hour

It is also said that sitting down worsens blood flow and increases the risk of heart disease in the future. When blood flow is blocked, the legs become swollen and thickened, and the whole body becomes cold, causing a decrease in metabolism. The important thing in dieting is not to slow down your metabolism. No matter how busy your work is, be conscious of leaving your seat once an hour. This alone will change the degree of swelling of the legs.

5. Drink hot coffee

Drinks that you drink while working may be different for each person, such as tea or water from a PET bottle of juice, but if you are conscious of dieting, black hot coffee that does not contain sugar is recommended. Caffeine contained in coffee is said to have a fat burning effect and an appetite suppressing effect. Besides, coffee has almost no calories when it is black, so people who have been drinking juice or refreshing drinks can reduce their calorie intake simply by switching to coffee. Caffeine also has a wakefulness effect, so you can stay awake and focus on your work.

How was it? When it comes to desk work, it’s easy to think that it’s natural to get fat because you don’t move while sitting, but you can practice what is effective for dieting while sitting. Maybe I’m getting fat because of my desk work! ?? If you feel that, try incorporating the simple habits introduced here.

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