Drinking too much coffee is bad for the skin?!


Is drinking too much coffee a cause of rough skin? The correct way to drink to prevent rough skin

It is said that drinking too much coffee causes rough skin. It’s a shocking story for coffee lovers. Why does drinking too much coffee cause rough skin? Therefore, in this article, I will introduce the relationship between coffee and rough skin, and the correct way to drink coffee to prevent rough skin and obtain the effect of leading to beautiful skin.

Why coffee causes rough skin

Undernourishment due to the diuretic effect of caffeine

Caffeine in coffee has a diuretic effect. Overdose of caffeine can drain water from your body, which can lead to dry skin. In addition, along with urine, vitamin B group, vitamin C, and other essential ingredients for beautiful skin are also released from the body, which may lead to malnutrition.

The autonomic nerves are disturbed by the arousal action

Caffeine in coffee has a wakefulness effect. It is effective when taken at work or when you want to get rid of drowsiness, but if you take too much, your autonomic nerves may be disturbed, your sleep quality may deteriorate, and sebum may be excessively secreted.

Damage the stomach

Although it is a relaxing coffee, caffeine has the effect of promoting the secretion of stomach acid, so if you drink too much, your stomach may become irritated. When the stomach is dysfunctional, the body is nourished and is prone to rough skin.

The correct way to drink coffee to prevent rough skin

There are three points in how to drink coffee to get the effect that leads to beautiful skin while preventing rough skin.

1. Avoid drinking coffee on an empty stomach

I think there are many people who say, “If you don’t get up in the morning and drink coffee, the day won’t start …”. However, if you drink coffee on an empty stomach when there is no food in your stomach, it may cause excessive gastric acid secretion and rough skin. Therefore, eat breakfast such as toast and cereals before drinking coffee.

2. Get hydrated

Some people may say, “Drink coffee instead of water for hydration …”. However, coffee has a diuretic effect, so if you drink too much, even the necessary ingredients such as vitamin C and minerals in your body will be excreted from the body. In addition, excessive water excretion causes dehydration and causes dry skin.
Therefore, you can prevent skin troubles caused by caffeine by placing a PET bottle of mineral water next to you while drinking coffee and making sure that the water is hydrated.

3.  Don’t drink coffee or make it decaffeinated in the evening

Some people may say, “A cup of coffee during the relaxing time after work …”. However, if you ingest caffeine in the evening, your parasympathetic nerves will not work well until night, which may cause you to fall asleep or sleep lightly. When the quality of sleep deteriorates, the circulation of cell reincarnation that occurs in the epidermis and stratum carenum of the skin is disrupted, and rough skin is more likely to occur. Therefore, avoid drinking coffee in the evening or use non-caffeine coffee.

4. Do not drink too much, with 3-4 cups a day as a guide.

Limit coffee to 3-4 cups a day to prevent vitamin deficiency due to excess caffeine, sleep deprivation, and stomach upset. It is said that if the amount is suppressed, the adverse effect is relatively small.

If you drink it correctly, you don’t have to worry about rough skin.

As explained so far, drinking too much coffee can cause skin irritation. However, coffee also contains chlorogenic acid, aroma components, and other cosmetic ingredients that make your skin beautiful, so it is important to drink it correctly. Let’s enjoy coffee in the right way to prevent rough skin while referring to the contents of this article.