Improve BOTH your Style and Health: Hip-Up Exercise!


So that you can wear your swimsuit beautifully! 4 hip-up exercises that you can easily do at home

The hip line is very important for creating a beautiful feminine body line. The hips, which emphasize the beauty of feminine curves, are also important for attractive swimwear and dresses. The beautiful butt that every woman longs for can be obtained with simple daily exercises. This time, we will introduce exercises that have a hip-up effect that we would like people who want to have beautiful buttocks to see.

1. Raise your hips with the hip bridge

“Hip bridge” is a core training method that is also called “back bridge” or “hip lift”. Hip bridge is a standard exercise that is indispensable for making beautiful buttocks.

■ Method

Sleep on the floor
Bend your legs 90 degrees to calm down
Hands open about 30 degrees and hold a relaxing form
Lift your butt slowly
Put your strength and keep it for 5 seconds
Slowly return to the original position

■ Point

Repeat a series of operations 15 to 20 times
Place your center of gravity on your heels and point your knees outward

2. Train your hips and inner thighs with wide squats

By opening your legs and squatting, you can effectively train your hips and inner thighs. At the same time, you can expect the effect of stretching the hip joint, which tends to be stiff.

■ Method

Open your legs wider than your shoulders and point your toes outward. Place your hands in front of your chest and straighten your back.
With your back straight, bend your knees toward your toes and slowly sink your center of gravity. When you feel a load on your inner thighs, slowly return to your original posture.

■ Point

As a guide, carry out 10 to 15 times.
When you bend your knees, be careful not to let your knees come out of your toes.

3. Back kick works not only on the hips but also on the thighs and abdomen

Back kicks can effectively stimulate your buttocks and raise your hips. Also, it works not only on the buttocks but also on the thighs and abdomen, so it is recommended for people who want to diet.

■ Method

Make a state of crawl on all fours
Stretch one leg far back
Slowly return your foot to its original position
Repeat the above

■ Point

Alternate left and right 10 to 20 times x 3 sets as a guide
Keep your knees floating so that they don’t touch the floor

4. Increased effectiveness with Bulgarian squats

A Bulgarian squat is a one-legged squat. Regular squats are also known as effective training for hip-up, but Bulgarian squats can also be expected to have a further hip-up effect because they also train the small muscles of the buttocks.

■ Method

Open your legs back and forth and place your back legs on a chair or table
Slowly bend your knees and sit down
Sit down until the front knee is 90 degrees
After dropping your hips firmly, raise your hips and return to your original posture.
Do the same for the opposite foot

■ Point

Repeat this 10 times.
For Bulgarian squats, the front leg is the training side. Therefore, put your weight on the front leg as much as possible.

Aim for a beautiful hip with hip-up exercise

A sagging hip can be turned into a tight butt by continuing to exercise. It’s a place where you don’t notice the changes yourself, so it’s a good idea to take a picture and compare before and after to improve your motivation. Let’s incorporate it into our daily lives and work patiently!