Let’s Learn English, the EASY way!!!


You can learn English just by looking at it! 6 English videos for children

I think there are many parents who want to create opportunities for their children to come into contact with English at home. It’s quite difficult to learn English well with just one weekly English conversation lesson, isn’t it? The longer you don’t use English, the more likely you are to forget what you have learned.

In such a case, it would be easy to create an English environment using CDs and videos at home. You can practice listening, and you can also practice speaking by imitating the voice. With videos, children can enjoy themselves without getting bored, and even if they don’t understand English a little, they can think and learn by themselves while watching the videos. Therefore, this time, we would like to introduce a YouTube video recommended for children who can learn English.

1. Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig | Learn English with Peppa Pig! | Learning for Kids-YouTube

Peppa Pig is a children’s animation, so the English used is easy. English difficulty is from beginner to intermediate level. This work is also recommended for beginners in English. Through communication between the main character, Peppa Pig, and her family, you can learn the words and phrases that you use in your daily life.

2. English Singing

Kids vocabulary Theme “Animals” –Baby Animals, Sea Animals, Bugs, Animal Sounds

A channel with lots of content such as English songs, stories, words and phonics. Being an overseas channel, you can experience English conversation in the same way that native children learn. New videos will be posted one after another so you can use it without getting bored!

3. Super Simple Song

“Super Simple Songs” is an anime channel with high quality songs and CG images. Anyway, a lot of English songs have been uploaded, so you can use it instead of a CD! It’s good to be able to learn native pronunciation in a fun and natural way through songs and music.

4. Cocomelon

English lyrics are subtitled so parents can sing with their children. The content is closer to “intellectual education”, and you can learn basic words such as colors, numbers, and shapes. Various things are uploaded, from short videos of about 3 minutes to compilation videos of about 30 to 40 minutes.

5. Little Baby Bum

This is also an anime program like “British version of Cocomelon”, and you can get familiar with English through nursery rhymes and phonics. It is recommended that you concentrate on it when you want a small child to be a good child by yourself.

6. Paw Patrol

With “Pow Patrol”, which is very popular with children, you may naturally acquire English skills while you are absorbed in the story! Especially recommended for boys who like vehicles.

We have introduced 6 of them this time, but there are more and more new English channels for children, and there are many others. There are also likes and dislikes of anime and characters, so please choose the one that your child is interested in. There are many videos on each channel. When mom is busy, it’s good to have fun studying English on Youtube. Youtube doesn’t cost much, so please give it a try.