What is… STEAM Education?


What is STEAM Education? Reasons required and practices at home

Do you know about “STEAM education”? It is said that STEAM education will become more and more widespread all over the world in the future. It is no exaggeration to say that STEAM education is indispensable for children to live in the future world where IT is advancing.

This time, we will introduce concretely the STEAM education that is attracting attention and being promoted all over the world.

What is STEAM education?

STEAM education STEAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, and is an education that comprehensively learns these. is. STEAM education has expanded with the aim of developing human resources who can solve complex problems in modern society by comprehensively studying various fields. Today, education is drawing attention around the world, including the United States and major European countries.

What is the difference between STEM education and his STEAM education?

The element of “art” (Art) was added to STEM education, and it developed into STEAM education. It is said that the purpose of STEAM education is to develop the ability to utilize the learning in each subject in the actual society, beyond the framework of liberal arts and sciences. In the instruction, cooperation between learning in each subject and integrated learning is also important.

Why STEAM education is required

The biggest reason why STEAM education is required is the development of technology. AI, IOT, robots, etc. are already becoming closely related to our daily lives. And in the future, it is said that the time will come when AI and robots will take on not only the parts that humans are not able to do, but also the work and roles that humans have done so far. It is said that children need not only the knowledge to use technology, but also the ability to possess and build technology. There is a shortage of engineers worldwide. When considering the development of the nation and the future of children, it is essential to strengthen education in the field of STEAM.

Examples of STEAM education abroad

STEAM education is said to have come to the fore in 2011 when former US President Barack Obama covered it in his speech. In 2013, STEM education was designated as an important national strategy in the United States, and since then STEAM education with A (Art) has become mainstream and is being actively promoted.

In addition, STEAM education is introduced and practiced not only in the United States but also in China, Singapore, and India. In particular, Singapore is one of the countries that are focusing on STEAM education, with the national science center taking charge of STEAM education.

How to practice STEAM education at home

STEAM education, in which children inflate their creativity through trial and error, can actually be tackled in daily life without using a computer or tablet.
For example, STEAM education itself is a play that enhances a child’s logical thinking ability, such as giving a theme and making them think of a reasonable short story, or adding or subtracting with playing cards.

It is also a point to connect to STEAM type learning by deciding one theme such as “animal” and “food” and letting them think, and combining it with other elements such as English and drawing, English and music. Play is an important time to foster children’s creativity. Instead of imposing the common sense of adults, let’s take the initiative of children and value the free ideas unique to children.

And it’s okay if you make a mistake or make a mistake. Trial and error is also an important process for acquiring diverse perspectives. It is also important to praise any child’s ideas, such as “It’s interesting!” Or “It’s done well.” Be aware that your child will have fun memories.