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When facing uncertainty… [YOU are the best MOM] vol.15

If you feel uneasy about raising a child, hug your child for “7 seconds”!

Some moms lose their confidence as mothers in difficult parenting. Depression and self-loathing occur after something bad happens. I feel depressed when I think to my child, “I said too much,” “I scolded too much,” and “I should have done more.” And if you escalate further, you will blame yourself for “I’m a bad mom” and “I’m disqualified from my mother” and fall into self-loathing. Once you feel that you are a “bad mother”, everything seems like that, but is the mom who feels “disqualified” really a bad mom?

Don’t blame yourself for not enjoying parenting

There are “suitable / unsuitable” for parenting. In addition, during the long period of child-rearing, there are also “children’s growth periods” that I am not good at. Do not hurt the child, give him food, words and eyes, put him to sleep, and if he gets sick, take him to the hospital to take care of him. Basically, if you can do that, I think you will pass as a parent. I think that love and trust are born from such relationships. When you’re depressed, “I’m a bad mother …”, ask yourself, “Is that so? Sometimes I’m done?” It is also important to work hard for yourself and forgive yourself for not working hard.

When you feel uneasy about raising a child, reset with a 7-second hug that makes you happy

Even if you are aware that you care about yourself, you may feel anxious about childcare. In such a case, hug your child for 7 seconds. When hugged for 7 seconds, the happiness hormone “oxytocin” is secreted, and both moms and children can feel happy. The happiness of a mom is the happiness of a child. Rather than trying to be an ideal mom, having a smile and interacting with the child leads to the happiness of the child. He is a good mother just by sharing a good time with her child without overdoing it.

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